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#18 – Wastewater to Wonder: California’s Charge to Advanced Purified Water

April 9, 2024

Picture a world where wastewater transforms into drinking water like a fairytale glass slipper.

California’s water regulator is leading the charge towards a future where purified wastewater becomes clean, delicious drinking water for all. But people have questions about how advanced water purification will work, and we’re here to get some answers from the people who are turning wastewater into wonder.

In Episode 18 of What Matters Water TV + Podcast, we are diving deep into how we can squeeze every last drop of use out of our water resources. In this episode, we’re exploring Direct Potable Reuse or DPR (also known as advanced water purification). Whatever you want to call it it, this is California’s groundbreaking solution to water scarcity.

To unravel the nuances of DPR, we’ve gathered a panel of experts. Tony Estremera from Valley Water will shed light on the Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center, a pioneering facility in northern California.

Also, joining us is Dave Pedersen, overseeing operations at Las Virgenes Municipal Water District and serving as President of WaterReuse California.

And Dawn Taffler is a recycled water specialist at Kennedy Jenks, bringing extensive expertise in planning, engineering, and demystifying the complexities of water reuse.

From ‘advanced purified water’ to public education, we’ll delve into cutting-edge technologies and regulations ensuring the safety of reclaimed water. It’s a tale of scarcity, science, and human ingenuity. And let’s not reduce it to just “toilet to tap,” as the process entails far more complexity and innovation than the term suggests.

Tune in as we dive into the depths of advanced water purification – this is not your average water cooler chat!

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