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California Water Magazine

From Southern California’s Water Leaders

Discover the achievements and challenges of Southern California water leaders with the official magazine from the Southern California Water Coalition. Get informed and stay engaged on topics that matter in your region today.

SCWC and Civic Publications have teamed up to bring you a series of captivating magazines dedicated to all things water-related. Dive into exciting stories that highlight the achievements and challenges faced by Southern California’s water leaders and stakeholders. Organized by geographic region, these magazines are your source for all things California water, drought or not.

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California Water: Inland Empire 2024

California Water: Orange County 2024

California Water: Ventura County and North Los Angeles County 2023

California Water: Long Beach and South Bay 2023

California Water: San Gabriel Valley 2023

California Water: Orange County 2023

California Water: Inland Empire 2023

California Water: Orange County 2022

California Water: Long Beach & South Bay 2022

California Water: Ventura County & North LA County 2022

California Water: Inland Empire 2022

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