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Modernized Delta Conveyance

The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta (Delta) is the hub of our state’s water delivery system and home to one of California’s most important ecosystems. But the current Delta Conveyance system no longer works. Aging dirt levees are all that protect our main source of water from catastrophic earthquakes, floods and rising sea levels. The environment is deteriorating and water deliveries are constrained by tightening regulations.

We need a modern system that can protect water supplies for people, the environment, farms and the California economy. We need improved Delta Conveyance.


Tom McCarthy, Kern County Water Agency


Your Voice is Needed!

California’s aging water infrastructure needs your help. Efforts to modernize the state’s water system relied upon by 27 million Californians are once again gaining momentum.

Some History

SCWC has a long history of supporting modernized Delta Conveyance. In fact, we were founded in 1984 to help support the project following the defeat of the Peripheral Canal. We led the coalition in support of the earlier version of this project, known as California WaterFix. In 2019, the California WaterFix project was revised and renamed. Today, the Delta Conveyance project consists of one pipeline instead of two, but the goal remains the same: improving water supply resiliency for Californians.

The Delta Conveyance project is a key action in Governor Newsom’s Water Resilience Portfolio, a comprehensive document accounting for the challenges and opportunities facing the state and its communities as we seek to secure every Californian’s right to water.

Delta Conveyance Project: Planning Progress

In July 2022, the California Department of Water Resources issued its Environmental Impact Report for Delta Conveyance, the project designed to modernize our state’s water infrastructure in the vast network of waterways found in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Delta Conveyance is a much-needed update to California’s water infrastructure, ensuring greater reliability and flexibility from the State Water Project system that provides water from the Sierra Nevada mountains to Southern California, Central Valley and the Bay Area.

While versions of this project have been proposed over the years, today’s proposed project is a sharp departure from previous iterations. The Delta Conveyance Project proposed today has been downsized, refined, rerouted, and redesigned to better meet the needs of the communities it serves.

New environmental review and planning process launched in January 2020 and California Department Water Resources is working on a final Environmental Impact Report now. In the past, DWR has said the final EIR would be published in late 2023.

Read our educational materials about Delta Conveyance HERE.

Support for Delta Conveyance

Read SCWC’s letter in support of the EIR dated December 12, 2022.

Read SCWC’s letter in support of the Environmental Impact Statement dated February 8, 2023.


Learn More about Delta Conveyance

For more general information about efforts to improve water infrastructure so critical to our state, check out our Delta Conveyance Project resources and stay connected with us to stay updated on the project and opportunities for engagement. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates delivered directly to your email box.


California’s Department for Water Resources keeps up a robust set of webpages devoted to the project to ensure local input and active engagement on components such as tunnel routes, design concepts, economic development, integrated solutions, construction impacts, and mitigation solutions.
We’re a big fan of their Deep Dive Video series in which experts talk about different aspects of the project. You can find these videos collected into one playlist on YouTube at this link: 
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