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Water Recycling

Reusing the water we have in Southern California is a smart way to stretch our water supplies.

Improvements in water treatment technologies mean that highly purified recycled water is being used to water landscapes and in industrial processes. This recycled water meets strict rules set by the California Department of Health Services and is also used to recharge underground aquifers.

A purification process using reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light delivers almost pure water. Soon, California will allow certified water reclamation facilities to send this purified water directly back into drinking water systems.

Making greater use of recycled water improves our region’s ability to be more self-sustaining, reduces the need to import water over long distances, and can help replenish and enhance our limited groundwater supplies.

Homeowners and others can install greywater systems to reuse water from showers, bathtubs and clothes washing machines to water their landscapes and gardens.

Watch our informative video series all about recycled water HERE.


Dan Ferons, Santa Margarita Water District
Paul Liu, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

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