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Water Energy Efficiency

Often viewed as separate issues, water and energy sustainability are interconnected and paramount to California’s future as impacts of drought and climate change persist.

With water and energy challenges closely tied to one another—solutions should be as well.

To help advance smart solutions, the Southern California Water Coalition Water Energy Efficiency Task Force provides a forum for businesses, water agencies, agriculture, local governments and all stakeholders to be an active voice in the conversation about sustainability.

The Task Force invites everyone to view the on-demand webinar video “Innovation Matters: Charting the Path to Energy Advancements at the Water-Energy Nexus,” held on Thursday, September 21, 2023. Delve into the intricate interplay of water and energy, and discover the forefront of energy possibilities for water operations. Featuring experts from leading organizations, this webinar explores innovative solutions and opportunities at the water-energy nexus. Speakers from Los Angeles County Sanitation District, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Southern California Regional Energy Network, SCALE Microgrid, Southern California Edison, and Southern California Gas. Learn more HERE.

For general information on joining SCWC’s task force, please contact Julie Ackman at


Kris Murray, Association of California Cities — Orange County
Scott Houston, West Basin Municipal Water District

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