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Equity, Access and Affordability Task Force

The Southern California Water Coalition (SCWC) embraces the diversity of our region’s people and cultures, recognizing our shared reliance on a safe, affordable, and reliable water supply. Our Equity, Access, and Affordability Task Force, established in July 2021, is dedicated to addressing key challenges within California’s water landscape, specifically focusing on issues of equity, access, and affordability that are pivotal in the state’s current challenges.

At both the state and national levels, legislative and regulatory changes significantly influence our task force’s mission. These external factors underscore the urgency of forward-thinking and strategic planning to ensure that every resident in Southern California has equitable access to clean water. Our task force vigilantly tracks and engages with evolving policies to drive positive change.

While discussions often center on the Central Valley’s water equity and funding issues, our task force understands the need to tackle local disparities within our diverse Southern California region. With its vast size and diversity, the region presents unique challenges and opportunities. We prioritize collaboration and community-focused solutions, striving to unify our approach in addressing the water needs of our varied communities.

Ultimately, our task force acknowledges the delicate balance between politics and effective problem-solving. We recognize that success hinges on transcending political rhetoric and division. Instead, we navigate these complexities by channeling collective efforts toward genuine problem-solving, ensuring that equitable water access remains a shared goal rather than a divisive issue.


Anatole Falagan, Assistant General Manager, Long Beach Water Department
Mayor Acquanetta Warren, City of Fontana

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