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E-Newsletter: California WaterFix Call-to-Action, CA WaterFix Polling Results and July 2017 Quarterly Meeting Recap

August 9, 2017

California WaterFix Call-to-Action
In the last several weeks, California WaterFix has passed three significant regulatory hurdles at the state and federal levels. In the coming months, water agencies across California will make final decisions on this critical infrastructure project.

Metropolitan Water District, which supplies water to 14 Southern California cities and nearly 20 million people in total, has one of the most critical votes in determining the project’s approval. If you’re in favor of a flexible and modern solution to our region’s precarious water supply situation, send a letter to MWD’s Board of Trustees letting them know you support California WaterFix and the investment it will bring to our region’s long-term water security.

To find out more about California WaterFix, we encourage you to attend MWD’s third public workshop on the project, set for Monday, August 14. The meeting will focus on the project’s cost and approaches to associated financial challenges. Further details about the workshop can be found here.

CA WaterFix Polling Results
Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of California voters support California WaterFix, according to a recent public opinion survey commissioned by SCWC. Fairbanks, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (FM3), a third-party public opinion research firm, found majority support for the California WaterFix project among nearly every demographic and geographic subgroup after hearing an objective description of the project. In particular, majorities exist across each county, gender and age groupings, ethnicity/race, educational attainment, household income, home ownership and support for environmental causes.

“There is strong support for California WaterFix as a smart, modern solution to help secure a high-quality supply of water that supports our quality of life here in Southern California. It is now time for our decision-makers and stakeholders to listen to their constituents, pick up the torch and take the necessary steps to help advance construction of this vital project,” said Charles Wilson, executive director for Southern California Water Coalition.

July 2017 Quarterly Meeting Recap
SCWC hosted its third quarterly meeting of 2017 on July 28 at Central Basin Municipal Water District in Commerce, CA. The highlight of the luncheon took place on stage with an engaging and informative discussion of the deep need for California WaterFix with key California water leaders and current General Managers Jeffrey Kightlinger of Metropolitan Water District, Paul A. Cook of Irvine Ranch Water District and Paul D. Jones II of Eastern Municipal Water District.

Key takeaways from the conversation on water reliability and the importance of updating our state’s aging water infrastructure include:

  • Water is essential, our lifeblood and a fundamental need.
  • With more than 60 percent of California’s water supply coming from the Sierra Nevada mountains, we need the reliability that California WaterFix will provide.
  • A modernized delivery system will ensure that high-quality water will continue to be delivered to Southern California for generations to come.

SCWC’s quarterly meetings are the best opportunity for our region’s foremost water experts to convene and discuss solutions to Southern California’s current boom or bust water cycle. Thank you to all who joined us and stay tuned for our next event.

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