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Save the Date for SCWC’s July 26 Quarterly Luncheon

March 13, 2024

Southern California Water Coalition invites you to mark your calendar for a day of insightful discussion, networking, and innovation exploration on July 26, 2024. Be part of an event that promises to merge the worlds of water and energy conservation in ways that echo through our communities and industries.

The focal point of the luncheon will be the interconnection between water and energy conservation—a topic of increasing importance as Southern California grapples with the demands of sustainability and eco-efficient resources management.

The luncheon is graciously hosted at the SoCalGas Energy Resource Center in Downey, an establishment that stands at the cutting edge of energy technology.

The event is generously supported by our sponsors, Rancho California Water District and SoCalGas.

Prepare to be captivated by the groundbreaking [H2] Innovation Experience—North America’s first-ever clean hydrogen-powered microgrid and home. This pioneering project showcases the potential of carbon-free gas produced from renewable electricity to fuel not just energy systems but also to inspire the fabric of tomorrow’s communities. In addition to the luncheon and enriching dialogue, guests may have the unique opportunity to tour the facility. Witness firsthand how cutting-edge technological applications point toward a more sustainable and hopeful future in both water and energy usage.

Don’t miss out on this empowering event. Save the date, and stay tuned for more updates!

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