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Lawn Dude Throws Hat in Ring with Platform to “Conserve, Conserve, Conserve!”

May 18, 2016

CCOA & SCWC Unveil Timely Election Themed Billboard Campaign Reminding SoCal Residents the Drought Is Not Over

Los Angeles, CA – The Southern California Water Committee (SCWC) and Clear Channel Outdoor Americas (CCOA) today unveiled a timely new chapter in their joint Lawn Dude water conservation billboard campaign during the State Water Resources Control Board’s (SWRCB) meeting to consider the adoption of continued emergency statewide drought regulations. The nationally-acclaimed conservation mascot has been transformed to sport an election themed campaign with a mission to keep Californians conserving.

Lawn Dude’s past escapades, ranging from “laying off the sauce” to “manscaping,” captured the attention of Southern Californians and promoted conservation across the region. As the state enters a fifth year of historic drought conditions, the newest Lawn Dude campaign leverages the momentum of the 2016 election to remind residents that despite improving conditions, the drought is not over.

“I’m throwing my hat in the ring because the drought’s not over, baby – California needs me more than ever before,” said Lawn Dude. “Now is the perfect time to announce my candidacy. And my slogan? ‘Conserve, Conserve, Conserve!’ of course.”

Felicia Marcus, chair of the California State Water Resources Control Board said of Lawn Dude and the continued partnership between SCWC and CCOA, “Lawn Dude has been a strong force in the conversation about conservation and I’m thrilled to see him out on the campaign trail just in time for the California primary and the beginning of the hot summer months. I applaud the Southern California Water Committee and Clear Channel Outdoor Americas’ commitment to keeping Southern California’s conservation dialogue fresh year after year.”

Just last week Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order establishing long-term water conservation measures in light of the drought. Lawn Dude is also working to dispel the myth that El Niño “fixed” the drought, and he’s taking no prisoners in the process by using the slogan “El Niño Campaigned on Empty Promises” to get this message out to residents.

“Lawn Dude is the perfect candidate to remind Californians that, despite increased rainfall, the drought is not over and we need to continue to conserve,” said Charles Wilson, Executive Director of the Southern California Water Committee. “We are thankful for our continued partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, whose generous contribution allows us to harness the power of billboards to encourage Southern Californians to adopt conservation as a way of life.”

The latest phase of the Lawn Dude campaign will go up on CCOA’s digital and traditional billboards throughout the Southern California region as the state moves into the hot summer months. Californians are encouraged to continue engaging with @Lawn_Dude on Twitter and share billboard sightings, personal water saving practices, and photos of their drought tolerant yards.

“As we head into summer, it’s critical that we do not take our foot off the conservation pedal and Clear Channel Outdoor Americas is proud to help reinforce this message across the Southland,” said Layne Lawson, director of public affairs for Clear Channel Outdoor. “We are in support of Lawn Dude’s campaign and hope to see California join his pledge to ‘Conserve, Conserve, Conserve!’”

CCOA consistently donates space on its digital and traditional billboards in Southern California and throughout the nation to display public safety and public awareness messages. The unique ability of digital signs to reach a wide audience while displaying messages in real-time allows them to act as valuable resources for non-profit organizations, public safety agencies, law enforcement and a variety of others who need to effectively relay messages to the public.

About Southern California Water Committee
Established in 1984, the Southern California Water Committee is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public education partnership dedicated to informing Southern Californians about our water needs and our state’s water resources. Spanning Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, Imperial, Riverside, Ventura and Kern counties, the SCWC’s members include representatives from business, government, agriculture, water agencies, labor and the general public. Visit us at and find us on Facebook.

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