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Lawn Dude

Plant a water-wise garden today!

Southern California Water Coalition has teamed up with Lawn Dude and the good folks at Clear Channel to help you conserve water. You may not know this, but just about any plant you can think of uses less water than grass does. So act today, during the cool winter months to plant native and California Friendly plants.

Replacing thirsty lawns with waterwise plants is one important way you can help conserve our most precious resource – water. Not only will your landscape look great, but you’ll also be doing your part to make sure there is plenty of water for everyone in Southern California. Get started today and see for yourself!

SCWC and Clear Channel Outdoor Americas (CCOA) united to help Lawn Dude out with his campaign. Thanks to their generosity, you will find Lawn Dude on digital billboards across Southern California.


Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s portal for water-saving rebates and grants, landscape classes, garden inspiration and helpful tips.

Learn more about available water-saving rebates for residents and businesses in Southern California and complete and submit your application online. 

Get the latest updates on water conservation with the state of California’s helpful tips on how you can help conserve that most precious resource.


Take it off, take it all off!
Let the grass die and replace it with shrubs, rocks, permeable pavement and more.

Get into a holding pattern!
Raining? You can turn the sprinklers off for at least three days afterward. Maybe more!

Get inspired!
Check out native and waterwise gardens for inspiration. Find one near you on

Give your garden some California love!
Replace thirsty grass with native and California Friendly plants that use much less water.

Use the tools of the trade
Check out the watering index and watering calculator at to learn the correct amount of water your landscape needs during normal supply conditions.

Get your drip on!
Replace spray sprinklers with drip irrigation to deliver water right where plants need it.

Check yourself!
Inspect your sprinklers while they’re running to look for broken or misdirected sprinkler heads.

Step away from the hose!
Don’t overwater your garden or yard! Limit the number of days you water outdoors.

Ask your water agency about restrictions
Cities and communities have unique water supply issues and climates, so be sure to check with your water agency about water restrictions particular to where you live.

Kick grass and take names!
Spread the word – talk to your family and friends about what they’re doing to save water.

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