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California WaterFix Benefits Urban, Agricultural Stakeholders

September 20, 2018

The California Department of Water Resources released an Economic Analysis of the California WaterFix: Benefits and Costs to Project Participants. The September 2018 report describes the value of the CA WaterFix project to both urban and agricultural contractors who will benefit from investing in the modernization and upgrade of the state’s primary water delivery system.

SCWC Executive Director Charles Wilson said, “The results of this study reaffirm what we have known for more than a decade: California must invest in our state’s water infrastructure, and California WaterFix is the best and most affordable solution. No matter how you crunch the numbers, the benefits of California WaterFix outweigh the costs for both urban and agricultural project participants. The data also show the project will offset the impacts of climate change — so that’s even more evidence that California WaterFix will provide a reliable and secure water supply for generations to come.”




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