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SCWC Responds: MWD Votes “Yes” on California WaterFix

October 10, 2017

October 10, 2017

Mackenzie Menia
(818) 760-2121

Metropolitan Water District Votes “Yes” on California WaterFix

Major Supplier’s Support A Key Step In Securing Project’s Future

Los Angeles, CA Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD), the nation’s largest wholesale water agency, today voted in support of California WaterFix. Made up of 26 member public agencies and serving nearly 19 million customers, MWD’s vote accounts for just over a quarter of the California WaterFix project’s financing. California WaterFix will modernize and upgrade key sections of the state’s primary water delivery system, ensuring greater reliability and flexibility from the system that provides water from the Sierra Nevada mountains to Southern California, Central Valley and the Bay Area.

“Today marks a historic day in ensuring the vitality of the Southern California region. Water is life, and for the many cities in Southern California that depend on the Sierra Nevadas for their water supply, California WaterFix is mission critical. We applaud the leadership and vision of the Metropolitan Water District Board of Directors in recognizing the critical role California WaterFix plays in securing a reliable water supply for generations to come. Making the right decision is not always easy, but today Metropolitan Water District’s Board demonstrated true stewardship of our region’s future.”

Charles Wilson
Executive Director
Southern California Water Committee

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