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#10 – How Long Beach Utilities is Building a Sustainable Community

February 10, 2023

Calls for conservation have been a constant drumbeat in California over the years, but the past year has brought even greater pressure on residents to do more.

For many, though, that’s easier said than done. Busy lives, work and family commitments and budget restrictions can be a major obstacle for struggling families. And others just have no idea where to start.

Enter Long Beach Utilities.

For years, Long Beach Utilities has been pushing the envelope and developing innovative programs to not just tell the community to save water, but actually make it happen. The programs are part of Long Beach’s long-term focus on helping build a sustainable community through collaborative partnerships and a quality workforce.

And it has paid off big! Long Beach has seen great strides in conservation throughout the city, and it’s only growing.

Today we’re going to find out what makes Long Beach Water’s programs and community partnerships successful by looking at three of their innovative programs, talking to the staff members who administer them and the residents who take part. We’ll focus on three programs: programs that bring water-saving devices to homes and apartments in lower-income neighborhoods; a program offering a turnkey solution for low-income property owners wanting to replace grass with waterwise plants; and a a program that gives residents everything they need to ditch the grass in their parkway for a beautiful drought-friendly landscape.

Our guests are Ann-Marie Benz, Horticulture Programs Manager, California Native Plant Society; Anatole Falagan, Assistant General Manager, Long Beach Utilities; and Irene Pacheco, a Long Beach resident.

So welcome, and let’s dive in!

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