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#11 – Cultivating a Secure Water Future for California

An image showing photos of podcast guests Heather Dyer and Craig Miller
April 3, 2023

Wherever you live in California, cultivating a secure and abundant water future is a goal we can all support.

But taking the necessary steps to get there can be hard to do. Especially as we watch our state whipsaw through weather extremes. In just twelve months the state has gone from a historic and severe drought to above average rainfall and snow. Many people are asking, is the drought over?

It’s the wrong question.

In episode #11, host Charley Wilson talks to two water leaders who are trying to push the conversation about California water beyond the drought. What they want to know is what will California and its water supply look like in ten years? What about in thirty?  And how can we take steps today to ensure that the things we love about California are preserved for everyone who lives here in a fair and sustainable way?

On this episode, we have with us Heather Dyer, a return visitor to our show. She is the CEO and general manager of the San Bernadino Valley Municipal Water District and an endangered species biologist.

We also have a first-time guest, Craig Miller, who is the general manager of Western Municipal Water District.

Starting in 2022, Craig and Heather have been leading the charge to unite water agencies and others toward a new effort to spur investment in water infrastructure. They say that the state’s network for water delivery should be upgraded and changed to meet emerging and changing needs. They bring innovative ideas and fresh perspectives to some difficult problems and they’re getting some attention up and down the state.

Tune in now to hear about California’s water infrastructure challenges and how by working together we can move beyond crisis or survival mode into a future of abundance and water security.

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