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#4 – Senator Henry Stern and Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia

February 8, 2022

Hear from two California legislators who are fighting climate change impacts by pushing for laws and policies about water and energy that will affect Californians for years to come. We will discuss how they hope to empower everyday people like us to make significant changes in how we use natural resources while protecting the environment. There’s a lot of work to be done, and Senator Henry Stern and Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia are working to make sure we don’t squander our efforts to make a real and lasting difference for California water.

Senator Henry Stern is a surfer, a seventh generation Californian, a new dad and the representative of the 27th district encompassing parts of Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Prior to being elected in November 2016, he was an environmental attorney and senior advisor to his predecessor, Fran Pavley. As someone who has experienced the devastation of wildfires firsthand, Stern has worked to boost the state’s wildfire preparedness and pushed hard to address what he calls the state’s climate change emergency.

Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia is a son of Coachella Valley, a proud father, and a passionate advocate for addressing the environmental issues of the Salton Sea. He represents the 56th district covering eastern Riverside County and Imperial County. He is acknowledged as the driving force behind California’s historic climate change package–a groundbreaking legislative effort that will help steer our state into a more sustainable future.

So get ready to be inspired and informed as we talk about how these two legislators got here, what they’re fighting for, and why Californians should care.

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