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#6 – Heather Dyer, Sandra Kerl, Joone Kim-Lopez, Kris Murray

April 12, 2022

See how unusual career paths and a willingness to take risks led these four women to lead California water agencies and boards.  Our sixth episode features a roundtable discussion with four women who have made crucial contributions to achieving sustainability. They are leaders, collaborative peers and experts who contribute with leadership skills and as mentors for other women. Their reflections on their careers and their advice for other women pursuing a future in water are inspiring.

Heather Dyer is the general manager of the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District. Sandra Kerl is the general manager of the San Diego County Water Authority. Joone Lopez is the general manager of Moulton Niguel Water District. Kris Murray is chair of the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board and president of KLM Strategies.

Together they bring decades of experience to their roles ensuring safe and clean water for people in Southern California.

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