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SCWC Urges MWD Approval of Funds for Delta Conveyance and Recycled Water

November 6, 2020

The Southern California Water Coalition has sent two letters to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Board of Directors urging approval of funding for environmental review and planning processes related to the Delta Conveyance Project and MWD’s Regional Recycled Water project.

Delta Conveyance

SCWC urged approval of Metropolitan’s share of the costs necessary to complete the state’s environmental review and planning process for the Delta Conveyance Project. “It is essential that the requisite funding be authorized to move the planning process to conclusion to help shape future decisions regarding final participation in the project,” said Charles Wilson, SCWC executive director.

As highlighted by Governor Newsom’s own Water Resilience Portfolio, a state as big and diverse as California requires a balanced approach that includes a portfolio of water supply projects and management techniques that all work together to achieve statewide resilience. We believe that California’s path toward resilience hinges on a right-sized Delta Conveyance project that delivers the necessary water for California and provides an overall benefit to the project beneficiaries. Local and regional supply projects such as water recycling, groundwater storage and recharge, stormwater capture, conservation and desalination all are critical components to the overall water supply portfolio. But the Delta Conveyance Project is the necessary cornerstone component to building a diversified portfolio, at about half of the cost of large-scale local projects. Our future depends on a comprehensive approach.

Read the letter HERE.

Learn more about why the Delta Conveyance Project is vital for California HERE

Regional Recycled Water Project

SCWC also urged the MWD Board of Directors to approve funding to initiate and complete the environmental review process for the Regional Recycled Water Project, a partnership between Metropolitan and LA Sanitation & Environment (LASAN). The proposed project is designed to purify wastewater from the Carson Sanitation plant to produce high quality water that could be used again for local water supply deliveries. Once completed, the full-scale regional recycled water program would produce up to 150 million gallons daily, enough to serve more than 500,000 homes.  Purified water from the advanced treatment facility would be delivered through 60 miles of new pipelines to the region’s groundwater basins, industrial facilities and two of Metropolitan’s treatment plants.

Read the letter HERE.

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