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Delta Conveyance Final Environmental Impact Report Approved

December 21, 2023

Statement by Charley Wilson, Executive Director, Southern California Water Coalition, on the State’s Approval of the Final Environmental Impact Report for the Delta Conveyance Project:

“Today represents a pivotal moment in California’s ongoing quest to secure its water future. The Southern California Water Coalition commends the California Department of Water Resources for approving the Final Environmental Impact Report for the Delta Conveyance Project on December 21, 2023.

This accomplishment underscores our collective commitment to addressing complex climate-related challenges. The Delta Conveyance Project embodies California’s resilience and dedication to ensuring a reliable, sustainable, and equitable water supply.

Charley Wilson, SCWC Executive Director

The State Water Project has long been the backbone of water distribution in California, serving millions of Californians, supporting agriculture, and fueling our dynamic economy. However, climate change necessitates a transformative response to safeguard this resource. The Delta Conveyance Project, in its current form, fortifies Delta infrastructure, enhancing water security against climate-driven threats.

We’re heartened by the project’s rigorous evolution, reflecting our shared commitment to a reliable water supply and Delta ecosystem preservation.

As we move forward, SCWC eagerly anticipates continued collaboration with the Department of Water Resources and stakeholders. The project is an investment in California’s prosperity, sustainability, and well-being.

Together, let’s celebrate this milestone, navigate the permitting process, and commence construction, securing California’s vibrant water future.”

–Charley Wilson, Executive Director and CEO, Southern California Water Coalition


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