The impacts of drought are being felt across the state as California heads into a potential 5th year of drought. Our region is taking innovative action to help drought-proof the region, and we've embraced an all-hands on deck, no idea too big or too small approach. We need to invest in our statewide water infrastructure, secure supplies from the State Water Project, continue building up local water supply resources and make water conservation a high-priority for every Californian.

To spread the word about the importance of conservation, SCWC partnered with Clear Channel Outdoor to launch a drought and conservation awareness campaign. The campaign features the water-saving character @Lawn_Dude who is sharing water saving tips across California. Learn more on our Conservation page.


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Like any celebrity, I'm big on Twitter. You can follow me at @Lawn_Dude and see the ways I'm getting Californians to #LayOffTheSauce - water, that is.

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