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Our 2021 Annual Report

January 18, 2022
The Southern California Water Coalition’s 2021 Annual Report has been released.

After a year that taught us resilience in any conditions, 2021 was a homecoming. Emerging from the global pandemic, our coalition members adapted once again and put the momentum of our innovation into even stronger action.

Like many organizations, the SCWC acclimated to the hybrid environment of both in-person and virtual events over the course of the year. The “What Matters” webinar series, which began last year, continued as did virtual panels and workshops. Highlights included the Water Quality webinar and the Stormwater Workshop, which brought industry experts together to examine complex issues and identify multiple solutions to work toward. In November, the “What Matters” series was taken to the next level with the launch of our What Matters Water TV + Podcast episodes, which proved a great success.

We had the pleasure of convening again in-person for the July Quarterly Luncheon as well as the Annual Meeting and Dinner, which provided the opportunity for our members to congregate, celebrate each others’ accomplishments, and empower each other with the exchange of inspiration and ideas. These events also gave us the chance to physically reestablish connections and collaborations, which is the very foundation of our coalition.

Whether online or in-person, our events broke records and informed water leaders and others. One installment this year focuses on California’s leading news topic: the drought. The program garnered terrific attendance and delivered vital feedback between five expert panelists surrounding regional preparedness and how to approach conservation and resiliency projects as conditions worsen. Water quality was another focus, featuring a dynamic panel of seven industry experts who discussed the hot-button issues such as PFAS in our nation’s drinking water supplies. With record-breaking attendance, the webinar addressed issues of contamination and explored alternative chemical introductions to save future water supplies between scientists, city officials, and water professionals.

Some notable milestones in 2021 include:

To download the Southern California Water Coalition Annual Report for 2021, click here.

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