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SCWC Premieres New What Matters Water TV + Podcast Trailer at ACWA Spring Conference

May 8, 2024

The Southern California Water Coalition (SCWC) unveiled its latest trailer video for the What Matters Water TV + Podcast series at the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) Spring Conference & Expo, highlighting the importance of water conversation and innovation. This eagerly awaited launch took place in Sacramento on Wednesday, May 8, marking a significant milestone in SCWC’s efforts to bring water issues to the forefront of public discourse in Southern California.

View the trailer HERE.

The What Matters Water TV + Podcast series, now in its third year, has been lauded for presenting engaging and timely conversations centered on the pivotal role of water in sustaining life and supporting communities. Charles Wilson, Executive Director of the Southern California Water Coalition is the series host, and has engaged thought leaders, innovators, and advocates within the California water sector, offering invaluable insights and sparking meaningful dialogue on water-related challenges and breakthroughs.

This year’s trailer debut at the ACWA Conference represents SCWC’s commitment to amplifying the narrative around water, an essential yet often overlooked component amidst Southern California’s pressing concerns like homelessness, traffic congestion, and housing affordability. “Water is just as important for life as housing, but very rarely do water issues rise to crisis levels in Southern California. That is a testament to the region’s decades of investment in water supply reliability,” Wilson stated. “But this reliability also means that positive developments and potential solutions may be easily overlooked by people who are otherwise interested in regional issues.”

By leveraging the What Matters Water TV and podcast platform, the Southern California Water Coalition aims to illuminate the essential work being done in water supply, management, and sustainability while offering entertaining, informative content that resonates with a broad audience.

The Coalition invites members of the community, industry professionals, and anyone passionate about ensuring a sustainable water future for Southern California to tune in. For those interested in supporting this vital work, SCWC welcomes inquiries about sponsorship opportunities through email.

Founded in 1984, the Southern California Water Coalition is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public education partnership dedicated to informing Southern Californians about our water needs and the state’s water resources. Through initiatives like the What Matters Water TV + Podcast series, SCWC continues to play a crucial role in educating and engaging the public on the significance of water in our lives.

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