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SCWC’s April Quarterly Meeting: Honoring Legacy, Charting Water’s Future

April 24, 2024

The Southern California Water Coalition’s April Quarterly Board Meeting and Luncheon took place on Friday, April 19, amidst the picturesque setting of Temecula’s Wilson Creek Winery, marking the third occasion that SCWC chose this venue. Renowned for its appeal among SCWC members and its stunning ambiance, the winery welcomed over 150 attendees.

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The meeting commenced with a poignant moment as the Board paid tribute to longtime member Robert Bein, who had recently passed away on February 17. Fondly remembered for his active participation, Bein’s absence was felt, particularly since he had engaged in lively discussions during SCWC’s January meeting, where he had posed questions to Wade Crowfoot, Secretary of California Natural Resources Agency. Geoff Vanden Heuvel, another Board member, eloquently reflected on Bein’s legacy, followed by Mayor Acquanetta Warren leading the group in a moment of respectful silence.

Senator Kelly Seyarto joined the board to offer his welcome and discuss the need for investment in water infrastructure. The Board then embarked on a tour of the vineyard, immersing themselves in the serene surroundings and learning more about the vineyard’s waterwise irrigation practices before reconvening for the luncheon.

The luncheon featured an esteemed panel of speakers:

  • Neil Chase, CEO of CalMatters, shared illuminating insights into the Digital Democracy project, delving into its profound impact on the political landscape, especially as the November ballot draws near. CalMatters’ Digital Democracy initiative leverages technology and data to enhance transparency, accountability, and understanding regarding California state legislators and their policymaking decisions. Interested individuals can sign up for a demonstration of the website on May 1: sign up HERE.

  • Sara Katz, President and CEO of Katz & Associates, offered her expertise on crafting effective communication strategies to garner support for water infrastructure investment. Emphasizing the importance of nurturing relationships and fostering trust well in advance of making requests, Katz underscored the significance of community engagement (early and often) in advocating for water projects.

  • Adam Probolsky, President of Probolsky Research, provided a comprehensive analysis of polling data and voter sentiments, providing valuable insights into the electorate’s priorities and concerns. With a focus on cutting through the noise with clear and impactful messaging about water initiatives, Probolsky highlighted the importance of effective communication in driving public support.

The luncheon concluded on a high note, with attendees enriched by the informative discussions and inspired to advocate for vital water initiatives in Southern California.

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