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SCWC’s 2023 Annual Report

January 12, 2024

Southern California Water Coalition’s 2023: A Year of Resilience and Progress

As we release the Southern California Water Coalition’s (SCWC) 2023 Annual Report, it is with a sense of profound admiration for the water management community’s resilience and dedication. The journey through 2023 has been a testament to adaptability and foresight.

The year began with a climatic turnaround—unprecedented rain and snowfall signaling the end of a lingering extreme drought. This sudden bounty, while welcome, presented our adept water managers with the task of navigating the complexities of abundance alongside the challenges of dramatic flooding in several regions.

Power of Partnerships

In the past year, the essence of collaboration shone through. Our alliances with entities such as the Bay Area Council, Water Blueprint for San Joaquin Valley, Groundswell for Water Justice, BizFed, and Rebuild SoCal were pivotal. A milestone was reached with Governor Gavin Newsom’s signing of infrastructure permitting and project review reforms—a movement we proudly participated in, which expedited the permit process for numerous water projects, unlocking federal funding for essential infrastructure.

Advocacy in Action: The Delta Conveyance Project

Our advocacy’s centerpiece, the Delta Conveyance Project, has continued to garner substantial support, transcending regional, political, and demographic lines—a reinforcement of the project’s significance for our water future. As 2024 dawns, our commitment to educating the public about the Delta Conveyance final environmental impact report remains unwavering. This milestone symbolizes more than a success for SCWC—it is a beacon of hope for all Californians reliant on sustainable and dependable water resources.

Leadership for the Future

With Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren stepping in as board chair in January 2023, our leadership entered a new era. Her emphasis on equitable access to clean and safe water has brought the disparities in water quality and availability into sharp focus, paving the way for inclusive action.

The Southern California Water Coalition’s 2023 Annual Report is now available for review. We invite all stakeholders and community members to delve into the comprehensive account of our initiatives, partnerships, and progress. To download the Southern California Water Coalition Annual Report for 2023, click here.

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