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Get Smart About Water Recycling With Our New Video Series

December 15, 2020

The Southern California Water Coalition has teamed up with a top video production agency to produce a new informative video series that examines the use of recycled water in Southern California. Watch the videos HERE.

Water: Too Precious to Use Just Once is a short and informative three-part video series produced by the Southern California Water Coalition’s Water Recycling Task Force that tells the story of how recycled water will help Southern California build a resilient water supply for the future.

In this series, we find out what water recycling is, how safe it is, and how it is used and will be used in the future. As state and local leaders look for ways to help us cope with extreme droughts and floods, rising temperatures, depleted groundwater basins and more, using more recycled water just makes sense.

Each short video is a great primer on the basics of water recycling and its importance as part of a diverse set of solutions employed by water agencies and local government to stretch our limited water resources as far as possible. The bite-sized videos are meant to be shared, so be sure to pass them along to your family and friends who may want to learn more about smart, innovative ideas for sustainability.

The video series was made possible through generous funding provided by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the work of the dedicated members of SCWC’s Water Recycling Task Force video subcommittee. Subcommittee members included representatives from Carollo Engineers, Eastern Municipal Water District, Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Los Angeles County Public Works, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, San Diego County Water Authority, Santa Margarita Water District, UCLA,  and the Water Research Foundation. The water experts teamed up with the video and storytelling experts at Epipheo to produce the series.

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