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New Educational Video Highlights SoCal’s Water Supplies

Title card reading Southern California's water story and showing rain clouds
November 17, 2022

The Southern California Water Coalition has teamed up with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to produce a new informative video series that highlights Southern California water systems and underscores the need to protect and expand water resources during the drought. Watch the video HERE

Protecting Every Source: Southern California’s Water Story highlights the work that Southern California’s water agencies are doing to transform the regions’ water systems amidst a record drought. The video demonstrates how Southern California has become one of the most water-efficient regions in the world — diversifying our water supply portfolios to expand local water resources while protecting the health of our imported supplies.

“As climate change continues to make year-to-year hydrology less predictable, having a diversified water supply portfolio will help us adapt to meet the needs of our changing climate, and we want to make sure our ratepayers understand how that will happen,” said Paul Liu, SCWC Board Member and Managing Water Utility Engineer at LADWP. “This video will be a vital tool in dispelling the common misconception among Southern California residents that local water supplies will lead us to outgrow the need for imported water — this belief isn’t rooted in reality. Imported water will always be a vital piece of our portfolio.”

The video takes viewers on an animated journey, explaining the sources that make up Southern California’s water supplies. Viewers are shown the foundational importance of imported supplies, like those from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Colorado River, as well as added strength provided through local water investments in stormwater capture, water recycling and groundwater recharge — and how each of these sources have been impacted by California’s changing climate.

“We’re proud to have LADWP’s support in the development of this resource,” said Charley Wilson, SCWC Executive Director. “SCWC members have been hard at work innovating and modernizing our region’s water systems and it’s important that the communities we serve understand that their water comes from a variety of wide-ranging sources, as far away as the Eastern Sierras and as close as their backyards.”

The video series was made possible through generous funding provided by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.  Animation studio Epipheo also produced SCWC’s Recycled Water video series and a video encouraging California legislators to fund recycled water projects.

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