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Statement on Newsom Administration’s Delta Conveyance Announcement

May 2, 2019

Under the direction of Governor Gavin Newsom in May 2019, the California Natural Resources Agency announced its plan to advance a single-tunnel Delta Conveyance project for the Sacramento San Joaquin Bay Delta. With this announcement, the Newsom administration publicly recognizes the critical need for Delta Conveyance and the important role it plays in California’s diverse water supply portfolio.

“Today’s announcement demonstrated that under the Governor’s leadership, this administration remains committed to addressing California’s complex water challenges. By supporting a modern conveyance solution in the Delta, the Newsom administration is taking the much-needed action to secure California’s backbone source, protecting our precious water supplies against the increasing impacts of climate change and the uncertain threats of natural disaster.

This is no longer an either-or conversation. California needs a Delta tunnel and continued dedication to and investments in local supply projects. We need to kick this project into high-gear to secure a resilient water supply for generations.”

Charles Wilson
Executive Director
Southern California Water Coalition

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