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California WaterFix Shifts to Single Tunnel

March 15, 2019

During Governor Newsom’s State of the State address, he announced his plans to move forward with the California WaterFix project, using a single tunnel approach.

SCWC applauds the Governor for taking action and recognizing that a state like California, with such diverse and constantly shifting needs, requires a balanced portfolio approach to water supply management – one that includes a solution for delivering water efficiently throughout the state.

California WaterFix will modernize and upgrade our water delivery system, providing flexibility for our state to capture more water during wet years, like this one, and store it for use during dry years. The fact remains that the status quo is not sustainable. Climate change is no longer just knocking on our door and we’ve already arrived at our new climate reality — one that includes recurring droughts, rising sea levels and extreme weather patterns. And to us, prioritizing a secure water future in the face of this new climate reality means supporting an “all of the above” solution. This means while serving as a champion for WaterFix, we’re also advocating for regional and local supply projects. We must not forget, without a baseline supply of water that WaterFix will provide, local supply projects like water recycling and groundwater recharge will not be possible.

California WaterFix remains the solution that our state desperately needs. Don’t let the sound of this season’s rain lull us into believing that the drought is gone – it will come back and we should be ready when it does.

To learn more about the Delta Conveyance project (formerly known as California WaterFix), check out our Frequently Asked Questions and Delta Conveyance fact sheet

Charley Wilson
Executive Director
Southern California Water Coalition

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