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SCWC’s 2022 Annual Report

The annual report for the Southern California Water Coalition highlights the work of its members to build a waterwise future together.
January 3, 2023

The Southern California Water Coalition’s 2022 Annual Report has been released.

In some ways, 2022 ended as it started, with California’s hydrologic conditions pointing to another year of drought. Nothing is surprising about it, whether you’re a long-time Southern California water watcher or someone who notices lawns going brown and news stories filled with images of reservoirs at drastically low levels.

A 3D photo of the print version of the Southern California Water Coalition 2022 Annual Report.Still, the Southern California Water Coalition leadership finds some hope and progress in the water outlook, rooted in the dedication of our steadfast members. The continued growth of our membership and the longevity of our most stalwart supporters speaks to our cause, which is educating people about the region’s water needs and finding solutions to the vexing problems we face.

Partnerships are Key

SCWC benefited this year from enhanced partnerships with the Bay Area Council, Water Blueprint for San Joaquin Valley, and others to urge Governor Gavin Newsom and the State Legislature to act boldly in the 2022-23 budget by securing investments for California water infrastructure. We added our support and comments to statewide efforts, including Governor Newsom’s Water Strategy and the Delta Conveyance Environmental Impact Report. Partnerships with others combined with the voices of our powerful coalition allowed us to amplify our voice and reach, and we look forward to doing more in the future.

Our Expanding Reach

Today, we can boast nearly 12,000 total followers and subscribers across our different platforms—and the number is growing daily. As local news coverage seems to shrink more and more, we continue to expand our communications channels. Our well-reviewed What Matters Water TV + Podcast and California Water Magazine series complement our email newsletter, blogs and social media content. These outlets are how SCWC presents engaging and timely information about California water issues and the good works of the agencies operating with Southern California’s vast and diverse terrain. Meanwhile, our in-person Quarterly Luncheons and Annual Dinner continue to draw hundreds of people who care about water together for dialogue, networking and information-sharing.

SCWC has long celebrated the rich diversity of Southern California’s people and cultures. In 2022, we highlighted some of our leaders and members through the lenses of Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month and Women’s History Month. We believe that working with and learning from a broad range of people helps us address California’s water issues more creatively. We hope you’ll join us again in 2023.


To download the Southern California Water Coalition Annual Report for 2022, click here.

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